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      Emulex 8 Gb FC Dual-port HBA

      [ Part number: 42D0495; 42D0494 ]

      Emulex 8 Gb FC Dual-port HBA for IBM System X

      Giá: 8,760,000 VNĐ

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    • Standard PCI Express card with low profile form factor
    • One or two independent Fibre Channel ports with optical modules included
    • PCI Express 2.0 host interface
    • Support for both standard and low-profile PCI Express slots
    • Auto-negotiation between 2 Gb, 4 Gb, or 8 Gb link attachments
    • Processes over 200K I/O operations per second (IOPS), per port
    • Support for up to 1600 MB per second maximum at full-duplex, per port

    Fibre Channel specifications

    • Full support for all Fibre Channel topologies, including point-to-point (N_Port), arbitrated loop (NL_Port), and switched fabric (N_Port)
    • Support for F_Port and FL_Port login
    • Full support for Fibre Channel services class 2 and 3
    • Up to 4096 FC port logins and up to 4096 concurrent exchanges per FC port

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