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      IBM 6 Gb SAS HBA Controller

      [ Part number: 68Y7355; 46M0907 ]

      IBM 6 Gb SAS HBA Controller for IBM System X

      Giá: 4,158,000 VNĐ

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    Features and specifications

    The IBM 6 Gb SAS Host Bus Adapter has the following specifications:

    • Four internal SATA connectors
    • One external SAS x4 connector (SFF-8088)
    • PCI Express x8 2.0 host interface
    • SAS Controller: LSI SAS2008
    • 6 Gbps per port data transfer rate
    • MD2 small form factor
    • High performance I/O Processor: PowerPC 440 @ 533 MHz
    • uEFI support
    • RAID levels : None (uses RAID as provided by external disk enclosures)
    • Maximum endpoint devices: 512
    • Power consumption: 13.5 W

    The IBM 6 Gb SAS Host Bus Adapter has the following key features:

    • Connection to supported internal and external tape drives
    • Connection to supported external storage controllers
    • Power management support
    • Support for SSP, SMP, STP and SATA protocols - flexible to optimize costs
    • Environmentally friendly due to low power consumption
    • LSI Fusion-MPT architecture drives more than 290,000 I/Os per second
    • End-to-End CRC with Advanced Error Reporting
    • T-10 Protection Model for early detection of and recovery from data corruption
    • Spread Spectrum Clocking for EMI reductions

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