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    • QLogic Dual Port 10GbE SFP+ Embedded VFA for IBM System x

      [ Part number: 90Y6266; 90Y6454 ]

      Qlogic Dual Port 10GbE SFP+ Embedded VFA for IBM System x

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    The QLogic 8200 VFA family is based on the QLogic second generation of Converged Network Controllers, supporting simultaneous LAN (TCP/IP) and SAN (FCoE and iSCSI) traffic at line-rate, 10 Gbps Ethernet speed. This convergence of networking traffic lowers data center costs by eliminating the need for separate LAN and SAN infrastructure. Data centers now need fewer adapters, cables, and switches, which also means reduced power and cooling costs. In addition, these controllers are fully compatible with existing Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage, providing investment protection for existing infrastructure.

    The QLogic 8200 VFA family adapters have the following features:

    • 10 Gbps per-port maximum throughput for high bandwidth storage (SAN) and networking (LAN) traffic.
    • Based on the QLogic 8200 ASIC.
    • Support both 1 Gb Ethernet and 10 Gb Ethernet.
    • PCI Express 2.0 x8 host interface.
    • Operate at full 10 Gbps line rate on both ports.
    • Support for SFP+ transceivers and DAC cables.
    • Two form factors:
      • Standard PCIe low-profile form factor adapter fits most M4 systems.
      • Mezzanine form-factor card installed in a dedicated slot on the system board of supported servers.
    • Support for Switch Independent vNIC mode, also known as NIC Partitioning or NPAR (to be available with a no-charge firmware upgrade, planned for 1Q/2013), where each physical port appears to the server as four virtual NICs. Bandwidth for each vNIC can be configured from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps. This vNIC mode extends the existing VLANs to the virtual NIC interfaces. It uses IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tags to separate data traffic; the VLAN tags are added to the packet by the applications or drivers rather than by the switch.
    • Support for full FCoE and iSCSI hardware offload through the Features on Demand (FoD) license upgrade (support planned 1Q/2013). This support enables flexibility and investment protection by letting you buy the FCoE or iSCSI license when you need it. FCoE and iSCSI can also be enabled with 4 of the vNIC ports (2 FCoE, 2 iSCSI) if vNIC is also enabled.
    • Full support for TCP/IP and Ethernet performance enhancements, such as Priority-Based Flow Control (802.1Qbb), jumbo frames, checksum offloads, and segmentation offloads.
    • Support for IPv4 and IPv6.
    • Support for Wake on LAN.
    • Port 1 can be configured to be a shared management port to remotely connect to the IMM2 management controller.


    The QLogic 8200 VFA family adapters have the following specifications:

    Ethernet specifications

    • Throughput: 10 Gbps full-duplex line rate per-port
    • Ethernet frame: 1500 byte or 9600 byte (jumbo frame)
    • Stateless offload:
      • IP, TCP, and UDP checksum offloads
      • Large and giant send offload (LSO and GSO)
      • Large receive offload (LRO)
      • Receive side scaling (RSS)
      • Header-data split
      • Interrupt coalescing
      • VMware NetQueue and Microsoft VMQ
    • Wake on LAN
    • Enhanced Ethernet
      • Priority-Based Flow Control (802.1Qbb)
      • Enhanced Transmission Selection (802.1Qaz)
      • DCBX Protocol (802.1Qaz)
    • Compliance
      • IEEE: 802.3ae (10 Gb Ethernet)
      • 802.3ap (10GBASE-KR)
      • 802.1q (VLAN)
      • 802.3ad (Link Aggregation)
      • 802.1p (Priority Encoding)
      • 802.3x (Flow Control)
      • IPv4 (RFQ 791)
      • IPv6 (RFC 2460)

    FCoE specifications

    • Logins: Support for 2,048 concurrent logins and 2,048 active exchanges
    • Port virtualization: N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV)
    • Compliance:
      • SCSI-3 Fibre Channel Protocol (SCSI-FCP)
      • Fibre Channel Tape (FC-TAPE) Profile
      • SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol-2 (FCP-2)
      • Second Generation FC Generic Services (FC-GS-2)
      • Third Generation FC Generic Services (FC-GS-3)
      • FCoE and FIP (FC-BB-5)

    iSCSI Specifications

    • Compliance
      • RFC 3347 (iSCSI Requirements and Design Considerations)
      • CHAP
      • iSNS
      • SLP



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