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    • Emulex 16Gb FC Single-port HBA

      [ Part number: 81Y1656; 81Y1655 ]

      Emulex 16Gb FC Single-port HBA for IBM System x

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    The Emulex 16Gb FC Single-port and Dual-port HBAs have the following features:

    • Maximum performance with over 1 million input/output operations per second (IOPS) to support larger server virtualization deployments and scalable cloud initiatives, and performance to match new multicore processors, SSDs, and faster server host bus architectures.
    • Frame-level multiplexing and out-of-order frame reassembly increases link efficiency and maximizes HBA performance.
    • vScale performance and scalability: Multicore ASIC engine with eight cores supports 255 VFs, 1024 MSI-X, and 8192 logins/open exchanges for maximum VM density.
    • 2x management functionality, which takes half the time to manage with OneCommand Manager.
    • Unique OneCommand Manager plug-in for VMware vCenter for centralized management of adapters within a VMware environment.
    • GreenState power efficiency reduces data center power consumption and associated operational expenses by delivering exceptional power to port ratios.
    • End-to-end data protection with hardware parity, CRC, ECC, and other advanced error checking and correcting algorithms, which ensures that data is safe from corruption.
    • BlockGuard data integrity offload ensures high performance and end-to-end data integrity.
    • vEngine CPU offload lowers the processor burden on the host server, enabling support for more VMs.
    • Rock-solid reliability and thermal characteristics, which are essential for mission-critical, cloudm and virtualized applications.
    • Support for Message Signaled Interrupts eXtended (MSI-X) improves host utilization and enhances application performance.
    • Support for 16 Gb, 8 Gb, and 4 Gb FC devices.
    • Comprehensive virtualization capabilities with support for N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) and Virtual Fabric.
    • Host-to-fabric Fibre Channel Security Protocol (FC-SP) authentication.
    • A common driver model allows a single driver to support all Emulex HBAs on a given OS.
    • Reduces the number of cards, cables, and PCIe slots required.
    • Exceptional performance per watt and price/performance ratios.
    • Integrates seamlessly into existing SANs.
    • Allows application of SAN best practices, tools, and processes with virtual server deployments.
    • Ensures data availability and data integrity.
    • Universal boot capability allows the appropriate boot environment to be automatically selected for any given hardware.
    • Boot from SAN capability reduces the system management costs and increases uptime.
    • Detailed and real-time event logging and tracing enables quick diagnosis of SAN problems.
    • The beaconing feature flashes the HBA LEDs, simplifying their identification within server racks.
    • The environmental monitoring feature helps optimize SAN availability.

    Technical specifications

    The Emulex 16Gb FC Single-port and Dual-port HBAs have the following specifications:

    • Host interface: PCI Express Gen 2 x8
    • Single-port or dual-port SFP+ based adapters
    • Support for 16 Gb, 8 Gb and 4 Gb FC link speeds, which are automatically negotiated
    • Data rate: 14.025 Gbps (1600 MBps), 8.5 Gbps (800 MBps), 4.25 Gbps (400 MBps), and 2.125 Gbps (200 MBps) autosensing (per port), with full duplex
    • Performance: Over 500,000 IOPS per port (over 1,000,000 IOPS per dual-port adapter)
    • Industry standards
      • Current ANSI/IETF standards: FC-PI-4, FC-PI-5, FC-FS-2 with amendment 1, FC-AL-2 with amendments 1 and 2, FC-LS-2, FC-GS-6, FC-DA, FC-SP-2, FCP-4, FC-MJS, FC-SB-4, FC-SP, SPC-4, SBC-3, SSC-3, and RFC4338
      • Legacy ANSI/IETF standards: FC-PH, FC-PH-2, FC-PH-3, FC-PI, FC-PI-2, FC-FS, FC-AL, FC-GS-2/3/4/5, FCP, FCP-2, FC-SB-2, FC-FLA, FC-HBA, FC-PLDA, FC-TAPE, FC-MI, SPC-3, SBC-2, SSC-2, and RFC2625
    • Topology: Point-to-point and switched fabric
    • Supported media: 16 Gbps Fibre Channel LC SFP+ short wave optical transceivers (850 nm), hot-pluggable
    • Distance support:
      • 15 m at 16 Gbps on 62.5/125 μm OM1 Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF).
      • 35 m at 16 Gbps on 50/125 μm OM2 MMF.
      • 100 m at 16 Gbps on 50/125 μm OM3 MMF.
      • 125 m at 16 Gbps on 50/125 μm OM4 MMF.
    • Management software:
      • Emulex AutoPilot Installer automates the HBA installation process and reduces time to deployment and administrative costs. Automated installation and configuration of driver and management tools simplifies deployment of multiple adapters within Windows environments. A single installation of driver and management application eliminates multiple reboots and ensures that each component is installed correctly and the HBA is ready to use.
      • The Emulex OneCommand Manager application enables centralized discovery, monitoring, reporting, and administration of Emulex HBAs and UCNAs on local and remote hosts. Powerful automation capabilities facilitate remote driver parameter, firmware, and boot code upgrades. In addition to the GUI interface, management functions can also be performed through a scriptable command-line interface (CLI) and a web browser.
      • Emulex management instrumentation complies to Open Management Standards, such as SMI-S and common HBA API support, which enables seamless upward integration into enterprise storage and server management solutions.



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