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    • Brocade 10Gb SFP+ SR Optical Transceiver

      [ Part number: 49Y4217; 49Y4216 ]

      Brocade 10Gb SFP+ SR Optical Transceiver

      Giá: 7,917,000 VNĐ

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    The Brocade 10Gb SFP+ SR Optical Transceiver is a Fiber SR multimode optical module for optical fiber connection support for the 42C1820 adapter option. This option is required for operating the 42C1820 adapter option with SFP+ Fiber SR multimode connection. The SFP+ Active Copper cables comes from the CEE switch supplier supporting attachment to this product. This adapter supports 10Gbps per port maximum bidirectional throughput for high-bandwidth storage (SAN) and networking (LAN) traffic, with full hardware offload for Fibre Channel (FC) over Ethernet protocol processing. Convergence of SAN and LAN traffic on a single adapter and wire helps lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing the hardware, power, cooling, management, and maintenance costs. It offers investment protection by providing seamless compatibility with existing FC storage, Ethernet networks, driver software, and management applications. The PCI Express low profile form factor adapter can be used in either a standard PCI-E slot or a low profile PCI-E slot. This adapter is supported for all IBM System x modular rack servers, including the latest PCI Express 2.0 Generation 2 servers.

    Highlights of the Brocade 10Gb SFP+ SR Optical Transceiver (49Y4216) include:

    • Laser Class 1 compliant
    • Support for the SFP+ cages on the 42C1820 adapter
    • Standard SFP+ form factor for multimode Fiber SR



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